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XsintriX finds

Fingers mo than typing

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Heeeey World!!!!

I am a 23 yr old lesbian thats graduating from college at the end of this month with a B.S. in Communication Science and Disorders. I was born and raised in the great state of Texas! I know American sign language. I am an avid signer because I work with Deaf kids with mental health or emotional issues. I am hearing, but i have a special love for the Deaf community. I aspire to attend Gallaudet University for grad school so I can get my Au.D/Ph.D and become a pediatric audiologist. As u can read imma a big dreamer with even bigger goals for myself. I want to do everything and help everyone in the world. I am currently interested in applying to a year of public service through Americorps or Peacecorp or Public Allies. Im a believer that change begins on the individual persons level, and there are many people in the world that need support. I love to travel and experience life. Music of all types speak to my soul. Im a very diverse person that marches to my own drum without a care in the world.
Im a very fun laid back person with a good sense of humor. Im friendly and out going and looking for people to trade experiences with. Im also blessed to be one of those Jack of All Traits people. There are very few things that ive tried that didnt fit well with my personality, but thats probably becuase I have more than 1. Yes, I have multiple personalities now known as D.I.D. I will be journaling about that because that is apart of my life, but my journal is just a space for thoughts that crowd my brain whether is my daily activities or actual indepth expressive therapy. My journal is also going to be a common space for all my alters to express whatever. But dont worry we're all nice and open. Im an intellectual that cant spell to save my life. I feel like my life is an open book, and I can never know enough people. So please feel free to come by my journal and comment and expand my friendslist....Even if ur just nosey or curious and want 2 peep from time to time...come on by. Im very willing to reciprocate all friendships and comments. Hopefully ur as interested in meeting me as I am in meeting you!!! :) GET AT ME

accents, adult swim, alicia keys, american sign language, anatomy, anatomy and physiology, androgyny, anything really, aphrodisiac, aroused, art, audiology, autism, babies and small children, babysitting, baking, basketball, being creative, being lucky, beyonce, books, boys don't cry, card games, collector of many things, cookin autistic friendly food, cooking, criminal minds, deaf culture, deaf like me, discussions, dissociative identity disorder, dr. wonder workshop, drake, drawing, dreams, drinking, driving, ears, erotica, estelle, fantasies, flirting, flirts, floetry, foreign languages, friends, gavin degraw, girls, golden girls, greek mythology, gym class heros, happiness, harry potter, honesty, japanese culture, kids, kissing, laker fan, laughing, lauryn hill, lesbian, life long student, lil wayne, little league world series, livejournal, locks, long naps, long term relationships, love, love and happiness, loving my family, many facets of art, medical shows(all), meeting new friends, meeting new people, music, natural hair, nba, neosoul, neuroscience, ni hao kai-lan, nicki minaj, nip/tuck, noah's arch, nymphomania, obsessive compulsive disorder, online friends, open-mindedness, orgasm, painting, piercings, poetry, polyamory, pretending, psychological disorders, pussy, r&b, ranchy cartoons, random acts of kindness, rap, rihanna, roleplaying, romance, scrubs, sex, signing, smiling, storage wars texas, surfing the internet, text messaging, the color purple, the impressionist, the l word, traveling, travis barker, trichotillomania, walking, watching tv, weed, will & grace, wine, women, writing & journaling, yoga, zane, zane books